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Frequently Asked Questions

OMG so many questions...

Where do you get more glowsticks from?

You can find many sources locally at Party City, Wal-Mart, etc. and not have the risk that shipping will activate them. 

Amazon Prime has some free shipping offers too.  We use the 6 inch, 15mm ones from HSGUS Store!

Glow Sticks

Can you link all the trainers you use in your videos?

Yes! Wanna know where? On this website, cleverly labeled "Links"! 

What's the best trainer to get for a beginner?

The best one you can afford. You just want to learn the basic moves and see if it is something you truly enjoy doing before going and spending a lot of money on something. 

How long has Brandon been Flipping?

Brandon has been Flipping Balisongs since at least March 2020 but has been flipping just about everything else since as long as we can remember. All he does is flip stuff. You think he just flips for videos but I promise you, he never stops.

When is the Glo-Mod coming out?

Glo-Mods first released on April 20, 2021, and we do our best to always keep them IN STOCK and Available!  

Does Brandon ever Flip live blades?

No, Brandon is not contractually allowed to flip live blades on this channel. We want him to keep his eyes safe. Please watch his 1,000 Subscriber Video for details. 

What is the Purple/Pink HMMM Balisong?

It is 3D printed.

The manufacturer did not want additional publicity since they SOLD OUT of stock after Brandon's video hit nearly 5M views in 2 months.

Use some Google-Fu and you can probably find them on Etsy.

Watch the video.

What do people mean by Tap and Play?

These are arbitrary measurements of a balisong's tolerances (how much it moves around).  Tap is the noise it makes when closed and shaken from side to side and Play is how much the handles move perpendicularly to the blade plane.  

A balisong with Tap or Play isn't "broken" and some flip better with those conditions.  

Can you help me convince my parents to let me get a balisong trainer?

Yes. Go here for more help. 

Can I have a free bailsong?

Maybe? Keep watching the videos and commenting and you never know who will win could be you!

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