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Parents won’t let you get a balisong trainer?!?!

Copy/Print this and give it to them. 

Dear Mom and/or Dad,

I, _____(your name)_____________________, really, really, really want a balisong trainer like the ones Brandon from Balisong Flipping flips on YouTube.

They are very safe.

They are not sharp at all.

They will help me learn hand-eye coordination, which will be very important later in life.

They look so cool, especially the Glo-Mod.

If you let me get one, I promise (circle):

  1. To do good in school and finish all my homework on time.

  2. To make my bed every day.

  3. To feed the dog and take the dog for walks.

  4. To not fight with my brother(s)/sister(s).

  5. To eat broccoli.

Also, the more time I spend flipping, the less time I will have for:

  1. Watching TV.

  2. Playing those violent video games.

  3. Joining a gang.

So, in conclusion, it is a really, really, really good idea for me to get a balisong. The one I want the most is: ______________________.

Your loving child,

_________ (your name)

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