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Guest Blog: Average_Kriss_Vector_Enjoyer

My name is Average_Kriss_Vector_Enjoyer. My world is no cash and cheap Bali clones Haunted by being broke Haunted by cheap plastic and aluminum Haunted by seeing others flip great Bali's I'm the one who runs for both living and the dead. When I started balisong flipping with my budget it was hard to tell who is more crazy. Me, or everyone else?... I'm average flipper, because of my bad Bali's, the only one I have is white Nabali G10 bastard. I'm 17, and I'm from Poland, Europe, country with stupid people, dancing cows, funny president that speaks English worse than ten year old, and finally, country who constantly trying to start WWIII. Due to tragical payments in Poland (like 5 $ per hour) the only Balisong that I can afford is made from my tears.

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