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Guest Blog: CantFlipForShip

What’s up my amigos? It’s CantFlipForShip here but in blog form! First I wanna say thanks to Jake and Brandon for the opportunity and for paying me 1300 quid for doing this. A little bit about me I’m currently a full time student in college making vids when I get the chance. I first discovered Balisongs when my pocket knife enthusiast dad took me to a flea market and showed me the legendary dad skills of the basic open. That moment stuck with me forever. Later on in life I had college pal and coworker that bought a Lucha and it blew my mind. I fell in love with the heaviness, clunkiness, and its ability to always pinch me on tricks. I knew I had to have my own. I decided to buy a Falcon off of Aliexpress and after 2000 years it arrived. After I got a competitive bali like that I knew it was over. I was addicted. I learned many tricks and eventually I started making vids. My channel started off super specific with me only posting shorts of me flipping to 90s Texas Rap (lmao). Soon enough people started asking for tutorials on the tricks I was doing and that’s when I found my true passion in this hobby. I love helping others learn. I think that is single handedly the most rewarding part of the hobby. If I had any advice to give new flippers it would be to buy the POLARIS and ODO oil by Balisong Flipping incorporated. Jk. It would be to help others because it makes you and them a better flipper. I take pride in knowing that no matter what direction the channel goes I’ll always stop to record a video to help out someone who needs help with a trick or even life advice. You’ll see it regularly on the channel! It’s also worth noting that as someone who’s grown up with the internet and meme culture I’ve realized a lot of YouTubers take themselves too seriously. Like bro you flip freakin hunks of metal and plastic. This is why I always try to give my videos the feeling of a couple of pals talking about life and Balisongs and everything in between.

Content you can expect to see on the channel includes: 1. Balisong related cursed meme posts 2. Live streams with one on one help on a trick 3. Tutorials from beginner to advanced 4. Story time posts (crackhead chronicles) 5. Flipping showcases showing my progress. (Currently working on giraffe chadder) 6. Balisong reviews 7. Videos where I make Brandon’s life harder by calling him out for being two leprechaun people inside a big cloak!

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