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Guest Blog: CubeIndustries

Yoo wasup guys my name is Jon but most know me as Cubelndustries. I got this name from certain hobbies I got into. Such as Cubing and now just getting into Balisong Flipping and the balisong part in my name is Industries because I totally did not copy Squid lol totally didn't. And if you look at my logo you can see the Triton v2 from Squid Industries and the Gan 13 Maglev this is because I wanted to make a channel about my progress in multiple hobbies and help your guy's progress! More Info About Me: I'm am turning 15 in September this year so I'm 14 as of now. I've been Flipping knives for around 6 or 7 months. And been cubing for 5 years!!! My goal on YouTube: so my goal is to help people be motivated to learn new things as In tricks in butterfly knifes or learning 120 algs in full cfop for the Rubik's cube (which I haven't done yet) but I want to eventually. But also to get to know all of you guys and more people who show up and see how everyone works with their combos and what their fav tricks are in the balisong community and then for cubing is to get one national record! I want to be a no hate channel and non toxic in balisong community so yeah thanks for reading this and pls tell me about you guys! Love y'all very much and thanks for the support. Hope you guys will love the content and yea yeeeeet!

And yes here is my playlist for people to enjoy ig

I'm also the proud owner of Brandon's Nablis Lightning!

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