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Guest Blog: Dividing Coyote

The reason that I like to flip balisongs is because I like to do things with my hands, (one of the annoying things about ADHD) and it's just perfect to flip things or spin things. I started off with my cousin's Evolution and Glo-Mod, The Glo-Mod is fun to flip as fast as I can while the Evo is metal so I can get the feel of a good weighted balisong that flips very well. They're just small enough to where you put them in your pocket and take them where you want and use them when you want, but also big enough to have fun with them and not lose them all of the time. One of the best things about them is that they can also come in different ways to be how you like them, they can be small, big, tang pins, zen pins, it can be a trainer blade, or a real one, They can be 3d printed, metal, or plastic, and they can be switched out for different parts sometimes. I prefer real bladed ones, though I used to be scared of them but now I like them because I'm a big fan of danger, and they don't usually cut too deep anyway so if you do end up cutting yourself with them you'll be fine.

Brandon says: Always remember, Trainers are Just Better!

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