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Guest Blog: DJEyelessPyro (The Only TRUE Pyro)

Here ready, this is a banger a$$ f----n, thing: im literally f--ing lost and i have no idea why im making this, Jake told me to make one so i will do so. i am DJEyelessPyro on youtube, @jack_piatti_pyro on instagram, also just Pyro, or Jack, or whatever other heinous titles, or other negative things youd describe me as. im 20 years old, live in georgia, and i have been flipping since may 2012, but it definitely doesnt look like it. i only really started taking flipping more seriously around late 2019-early 2020, but ive been around for a lot. i became an active and vocal part of the community around the same time. i try my best to answer all my comments on yt, and dms on discord/insta, but theres a lot, and sometimes i just cant handle the stupid isht some children say. i dont have a favorite bali, stop f---ing asking me, my daily flipper is my beater v2.5 tanto teal kraken.

*Editing by Jake

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