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Guest Blog: FinnFlips

Hi! My name is Finn, or FinnFlips on YouTube, the_finn.meister on Instagram, and kiwicrafter on Discord. Yes, I go by many names. I’m 15 and have a dog and 2 cats. Let me start off by saying that I'm an intermediate flipper and that I’ve been flipping for about 8 months now. Apart from that, I've been into 3D printing for about 2 years and have some experience in CAD with Fusion 360 as my platform for that (computer aided design or 3D design). This was how I found out about flipping and balisongs. My first bali was one that I found on Thingiverse and 3D printed the next day. I wouldn’t consider it a trainer because it was so bad that if you dropped it, the pins would come out. That’s when I started actually designing things. The terrible design of that bali is what inspired me to make my own 3D models. Besides the practice that I’ve had with Autodesk Fusion 360, I’ve designed a chess set, one really bad balisong that I’ll never show anyone, lots of mods for balisongs, and several miscellaneous things for birthday presents. My second balisong was a Squiddy-U from Squid Industries. I was surprised by the weight of it when I first got it. At the time, I only had a one ounce 3D printed one, so getting used to 2.6 ounces took a lot of work. Then, 5 months later, I purchased a Squidtrainer v3.5 which weighed 4.6 ounces. Twice as much as my first one from Squid. It took a while to get used to the weight, but I managed. A bit after that, I got the Bermuda from Glidr co. This was to be used as my beater for the time being. I own a Glo-Mod as well. Aside from balisong flipping, I've been skiing since i was 2, I recently started surfing actually, and I play golf (which is not boring, you’ve just never tried). I play hockey with my friends during the winter. I used to play baseball for like 8 years and quit. I play piano as well. Oh I forgot to mention that I live in Ohio. I can indeed confirm that Ohio’s weather is garbage, and that many of the “only in Ohio” memes have been filmed here. I'm planning to go to college for engineering because that's the kind of thing that I like to do. I'm not a big gamer but I play Minecraft because why not. I go to school. Amazing. I bet you didn't know that. Oh and I do archery too. I'm big in that sport. If you have nothing to do right now, then make sure to check out my Instagram. I need more followers. If you made it this far, congratulations. Thats all I have. If you need help designing something, or want me to 3D print something for you, you can email me at Also let me know if I should add more to this blog. -Finn

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