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Guest Blog: Flopz

Hello! My name is Flopz! I am a balisong flipper, photographer, and VFX editor! I've been flipping for over a year now and my favorite tricks are the Chadder, Reverse Chadder, Inverse Chadder, Scissor to Forward Ring Roll, Infinite Ladder, Reverse Infinite Ladder, and a few more. I started on a Benchmade clone from Amazon, and I learned the Double Roll Out. After I learned a few basic tricks, I lost the knife at a Walmart parking lot! I then bought another Amazon balisong for around $20. I learned B8B, Helix, Blender, Ice Pick Aerial, the normal Aerial, and how to thread lock a balisong. After flipping the Amazon trainer for a while I wanted to get a new Balisong. This is where Balisong Flipping comes into play! I started watching tutorials on balisong tricks when I got my first trainer, but I didn't discover the "walk, flip, and talk" part of the community until a couple weeks of flipping. I found the Balisong Flipping YT channel and I was immediately addicted to his videos. I remember thinking he was the best flipper ever! My opinions have changed and matured drastically about him but in good ways. He has a video in which he flips the CD balisong. I was in love with the design and sound, so I eventually bought one. I loved it sooo much and I improved a lot on it. I bought a Kraken clone later on, but I hated it... at first. After a while I ordered a live blade for my Kraken clone and then I finally liked the Kraken clone. Now I have an authentic Kraken live blade and I am Co-Owner of the balisong team TFF! I'm making content, working, and doing school so you would think that I don't have much time to flip but I still flip a solid 8 hours per day! My progression has slowed down since I am moving to the more advanced tricks, but I will continue to flip. Thank you for your support and GG! Flopz

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