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Guest Blog: Lexar

Sup, I'm Lex. I'm a pretty bad flipper, a VR nerd, balisong designer, and overall internet goblin. Started flipping around 2018/2017 with a CS:GO bali and it's been a trip ever since. I went to TCTC for auto collision and graduated top of my lab, but not before welding two chicken nuggets together with a mig welder cuz we had a food day and had 300 nuggies. I'm an Ex-VR athlete having been top 2k in beatsaber around 2019 and top 50 in synthriders winning rhythmleague season 0 for the tech category beating out #2 global. I've fallen off and became rusty in those games though and took to VRC instead, finding a new love for avatar texturing and flexing my voice acting skills. Using my new found skills for character creation, I took to the balisong space again designing many balis that may or may not ever see production. designing balis is still fun none the less and I do intend on getting into the modding space at some point. Live blade Nautilis? Cardboard scales? We'll see. Currently, I flip a Baliplus Nautilis V1 and am trying to trade for a live blade at some point.

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Live blade nautilis with carboard scales??? I have so many good ideas.

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