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Guest Blog: Luke

Hey everyone! Luke here, I’m an average Balisong flipper that likes to flip balisongs as a lil' hobby. I started out in summer 2022 but then I had to stop for about 4 months as I couldn’t take the balisong (crappy one) back home to my country. But when I got a 3D printer (December 2022) I started printing balisongs and I loved them again! I started learning tricks and I’m confident enough to say that I’m 'average' since about New Year. I got a Glo-mod, favourite balisong that I’ve ever used, I have started to progress even more. My favourite balisong (that I’ve seen) is probably a Polaris or a Glidr Co. Original 4, I just love the pattern on the handles. Where am I going to go with balisong flipping in the future? well... I will probably try to become as good as Brandon and have a YT channel with about 1K subscribers.

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