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Guest Blog: Melody

Hello, this is Melody, a trans furry that is fairly new to balisong flipping, started probably 2 or 3 months ago, i got 5 trainers so far: the Squidtrainer, Nautilus, BBFirefly ZX1 Talon, Polaris, and Squiddy-A, you can see in the pic, my one live blade is the Lucha and currently having issues giving it the zippy handles So far I know rollovers, horizonal chaplins(i just cannot do vertical yet that well, especially not 0gs), and behind the 8 ball. I got into balisong flipping from a friend from work showing me, instantly loved it, now cant stop getting balisongs. Other things about me is that I have a VR, play alot of Beat Saber, and occasionally make music and play piano. My channel as of now doesnt have balisong videos but here it is anyway:

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1 Comment

Apr 15, 2023

She is quiet a good teacher too, she got me into Balisongs too and taught me a few tricks.

Am lucky to have her 💖

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