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Guest Blog: NoahSSS

Hey, NoahSSS here I want to talk a bit about my balisong flipping time. I started “flipping” about 1-ish years ago but didn’t exactly practice any tricks so I say I actually started mid October 2022. I was mesmerized when I first saw Brandon flipping on his channel and was instantly hooked. My first balisong was a cheap 20$ Amazon Bali and I never attempted to learn, as said before. I got a curved csgo Bali in October for my cosplay and started learning actual tricks. My favorite owned balisong currently is my glomod. However my favorite that I’ve seen is probably the Polaris and the Squiddy-U. As shown in my preferences you may take notice that I prefer no latch Balis. And I also prefer to have a trainer until I become better at flipping because I have had bad knife experiences.

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1 Comment

Jan 08, 2023

The Balis are perfectly stored in my DROOR JAKE

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