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Guest Blog: Saiko Flips

What’s up everyone, I’m Saiko and I’m a new content creator here in the Balisong Flipping community. I started just to make videos talking about whatever I wanted but I really enjoy putting out content from a beginner's point of view and showing people you don’t have to be an insanely good flipper to make content. I absolutely love this community and getting to connect with everyone. I had previously used friends' Balisongs that were cheap and crappy but my addiction with these little flippy bois really started when I saw a video on Balisong Flipping's channel doing fans with the BBfirefly with a cotton candy color way. I saw how much you could actually do with a good balisong and fell in love. I bought a Nabalis vulp in December 2022 and I’ve been learning and creating content since. I’m 21 years old, newly married to my amazing wife in November 2022 and aside from flipping I have a few other hobbies: Skateboarding, parkour, photography, and I also work in video production. I’ve got a lot planned for future videos featuring more cinematic film work, more knives, and more tricks so if you want to see more from me check out my channel and I hope to see you guys there.

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