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Guest Blog: Spar7an Flips

Hello, my name is Spar7an and I wanted to talk a little bit about my Balisong flipping experience. I’ve been in the hobby for quite a while now. I first began flipping back in 2017. I started off with a BaliYo pen, a cheap Amazon trainer, and a Flip Finz when they were popular. Since then, I have accumulated a decent collection and I would consider myself an advanced flipper. I have a few Squid Industries products such as the Squiddy, Triton, Squiddy-B, and Nautilus. I also have a Zephyr, Glo-Mod, and a couple real balisongs. Besides balisongs, I also do a bit of pen spinning, begleri, and Yo-Yo tricks. I also like cubing but that’s a different kind of skill toy. My main focus, however, is balisong flipping and I really enjoy being in the balisong flipping community. I recently started a balisong YouTube channel which I have been thinking about doing for a long time. Feel free to check it out. P.S. I am a proud lefty flipper

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18 janv. 2023

ngl bro left handed is superior, I've only been flipping for around 4 months now so still decently new but discovered begleri as well. good entry, keep it up!

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