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Guest Blog: Splikz

Wassup, im Splikz. My journey with balisongs has been nothing but great. The first time I saw a Balisong was when my youth pastor was doing double rollouts with his cheap CCC, About a month later a friend asked me if I knew what butterfly knives were, which got me curious. I then went on Amazon and asked my parents if I could get a set of 2 cheap CCC's, it came with a silver and black one, I kept the silver one and gave the black one to my friend. and from that day on, the start of an awesome, and expensive, journey/hobby started. Along with this new hobby I got to attend Blade Show 2022, which is where I got to meet a lot of really cool flippers and content creators. My main inspirations for content creation at that time were Brandon from Balisong Flipping and Will Hirsch. I now own about 20 Balisongs, am a High Intermediate flipper, and make content on my own channel.

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