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Guest Blog: Emerson

Hi! My name is Emerson. I’m 13 years old and I’ve been flipping for about half a year! It all started with an Artsea video and a Lego Balisong tutorial. From then on I’ve been addicted to the hobby! Brandon/Balisong Flipping has inspired me to make my own channel and I even almost perfected Brandon’s combo he uses in his videos! I currently only have a few 3-d printed balisongs, 2 Lego balisongs, and the squiddy. My dream knives are the winter nautilus v2 red, and the red Polaris. But yeah, that’s me! Here's my YT channel.

Jake's Note: Emerson currently has THE MOST ENTERTAINING YT channel in my subscriptions. Seriously, turn notis on for this guy!

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