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Guest Blog: Wisp Flipz

Hey guys, Nathan here from Wisp Flipz! I'm a small content creator that likes making balisong content on YouTube. So far, I've been flipping since September, but October 2022 is when I started flipping actively! On my progression, I've become a rather intermediate flipper, and have gotten my collection growing After joining Jake's discord I've gotten to meet lots of new flippers, friends... And Jake!® In the future, I'd like to continue to grow as a channel and be as popular as perhaps Brandon or Pigeon!

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1 Comment

Aly Mamoon
Aly Mamoon
Feb 03, 2023

I never knew there was a Blisong community till early 2021 when I got my first Bali. Just like me, I'm sure there will be others who will discover you and support each other for it, keep at it brother and you will gain your traction!

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